With whom

>> Organizations

Everyone a Bible in the language of his or her heart, that is Wycliffe’s goal. Besides the translations, they focus also on mother tongue education, literacy, language research and Bible use.

Global Sign Languages Team is part of SIL International. Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) is a non-profit organization that focuses on research and discovery of (sign)languages. Their goal is to train and support linguists in their work, so that the languages of which the  language structures are still unknown, will become known. Through research and publications of the language concerned, it will become recognized and the language can be used for education.

Hope Church Utrecht is a church where young and old feel at home. I’ve been a member of this community since 2017. Members and guests gather every Sunday. The service is in their own building at the Boothstraat 7 in Utrecht and starts at 10am. There is time for a coffee after the service. You’re more than welcome!

>> Support committee

A support committee is a group of people that travels with me while they stay at home. These people form a support team to support me in practical things, in matters of faith and help me to complete my financial support. They represent me when I’m not in The Netherlands.

Meanwhile  the support team has already written texts for the website, built the website, arranged the budget, prepared the communication plan and made the brochure.

The following people are part of  the support team:

Daniel, Paul, Wim and Truus, Mathilde, Hanna

>> Who else?

Pieternel is not the only one who’s committed to Bibles in sign languages through the organization of Wyclliffe Bible Translators The Netherlands. Also see https://familiebout.com