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Deaf people belong to the cultural minority groups. By telling people around you about sign languages and the deaf culture, you contribute to the recognition of their existence. How great is that!

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I feel strengthened by a group of people who pray and praise with me (Pray? Praying is talking with God). Do you want to join in prayer? There’s three ways to do this.
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The work I do is totally dependent on my supporters. Financial support will ensure  that I’m able to do this work. I need support for living and to carry out the work. Would you like to know how you can support me financially? This can be done in various ways.

>> Transfer directly to IBAN: NL47 RABO 0342 3142 46 with BIC RABONL2U and name Wycliffe Comité Gebarentaal Utrecht (This is the personal account for Pieternel)
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