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Location Oradea Romania

Employer Wycliffe Netherlands & SIL Global Sign Languages Team

Function Regional Director Eurasia

Position & work

I am employed by SIL GSLT. Since October 2022, I am the regional director of Eurasia.

SIL GSLT focuses on supporting sign language projects and deaf communities. In fact, SIL GSLT consists of a team of skilled people, each with their own specialization. My job is to match the right people with the (ongoing) sign language translation projects.
We are not the only organization that supports sign language projects or deaf communities. There are other organizations we work with. 
Eurasia consists of Europe and some countries of Asia. That means me, my team and the partner organizations focus on this region.

I have a desire that deaf people can discover what the Bible says, in the language that speaks to their hearts. Therefore, I am grateful that I can use my qualities and skills in this position to connect people.

For this work I am fully dependent on financial donations of the people supporting me. Go to the what can you do-page for more information.


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