Corona times in Romania is…

Working from home. Extra happy with my house.

Learning how to cook and bake Romanian from the neighbor (papanasi prajiti; a Romanian dessert)

Extra time to enjoy the beautiful nature

In Romania you have to wear a mask, at first uncomfortable. Especially because I know that the need is discussed in the Netherlands, but you get used to it quickly!

Learning Romanian sign language via video calling. Long live technology!

Introducing a neighbor to Frisian sugar bread (Approved

My bike, so happy with it! Gives me freedom and I can be used as a “grocery delivery service”.

In Romania we are only allowed to exercise in and around your house, luckily I have a park close by. Here I have already run a total of 120 km. You would say a bit monotonous, luckily it is spring and there is always something to se

Learning Romanian via video calling, no problem!

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